Under Development

Under Development
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10 years on in this field, Cyber Security/Information Security/ IT Security, and I can not confidently call it the correct name as even that is seemingly kept secret from others.

  • Why is it sometimes called different names?
  • Where do I start with this subject?
  • What is and isn't worth it from a Security perspective?

This site will explain everything I have learnt over the last 10 years, including building 3 security departments from startup to now in a company of 22,000 staff.

What I am hoping is that you can use this resource to understand the field, build your strategy in this space and ultimately make the topic less expensive to implement by reducing the need to come up with plans on how to tackle a subject that, at least on how to start your strategy, has been worked out and kept from most for far too long.

Follow the plan and by the end, you will understand most of what is needed to have a Cyber Security strategy that is implementable, financially justifiable, measurable and allows you to spend your time and resources on the difficult aspects of security, not the simple ones.

If anyone claims you need their product to magically fix your security
- they are lying.

If anyone claims you need their specialist knowledge at a high daily rate or monthly wage to start your security journey
- they are lying.

If I claim I have all your answers and can fix all your problems
- I am lying.

However, I can give you the first 3 to 6 months of your planning and strategy and give you enough insight into what you should know as a minimum so you can take it from there.

The Remote CISO

The Remote CISO

10 years on and with each job ending up doing the same job for 6 months, I wish to educate you and let you be able to save those 6 months of cost for the costs that truly matter.
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